How do I know if I am getting a Form 1042-S?

1042-S for Wages

If you work at UConn, the easiest way to know if you are getting a 1042-S for wages is to look at one of your 2020 pay stubs*.  Under the taxes area, if you are getting a 1042-S will see "Fed 1042" as shown to the right.  These forms were issued by the State of Connecticut the last week of January, 2021.  They were mailed to your home address of record in Core-CT.  Please do not apply for our Virtual VITA Service until you have received this form!

1042S Paystub

* To view your paystub, log into Core-CT at and select "View Paycheck Information" under "Payroll" in the middle of the next screen.

1042-S for Scholarship and Fellowship Income

If your scholarship, fellowship or grant exceeds the costs of required tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment, then the excess is taxable income, which you are required to report to the IRS on your income tax return.  If you have a taxable scholarship or fellowship, the University will withhold taxes for this income and you will see a charge labeled “Non-Resident Alien Tax” on your fee bill*. This is a definite indicator that you will be receiving a 1042-S for scholarship or fellowship income.   However, you may also be receiving a 1042-S form if you have taxable scholarship income that is exempt from tax due to a treaty provision with your country.  The following document lists countries who have treaty benefits for scholarship income, on page 7: Publication 4011

These forms are generated here at UConn. If you are getting this form, you will have received an on 1/29/2021 from the Tax & Compliance Office. These forms should be mailed out by 2/19/2021. They will be mailed via the United States Post Office to your address on record at the Tax & Compliance office.  If you have moved within the last year, you must make sure you have updated your address with Tax & Compliance.  Their system is NOT connected to StudentAdmin or Core-CT therefore they will not have your current address unless you tell them directly.  You can email your current address to  As with the 1042-S form for wages, please apply for our Virtual VITA Service until you have received this form!

* you can find your fee bill in your Student Center on StudentAdmin. Under "My Account" click on "View Fee Bill."